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MSNBC star Rachel Maddow has had a very rough few weeks. After spending two years promising her viewers that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe would end with President Donald Trump in handcuffs, reality has brought her back down to Earth.

Maddow has seen her rating plummet since her wild Muller conspiracy unraveled.

Now, even her own producers are turning against her — and are fact-checking her anti-Trump rants live on-air on Monday.

“The show’s graphic — known as a chyron — accurately stated that Attorney General William Barr was being assisted by Mueller to work through the lengthy document and provide redactions where needed. But Maddow told MSNBC viewers a different story,” The Washington Examiner reported.

Maddow said the opposite.

“It is hard to believe that they’d leave the newly appointed 68-year-old Attorney General William Barr to himself … [to] personally pick through the report to try to figure out what mentions in this 400-page report might pertain to open cases,” Maddow told viewers.

Meanwhile, the fact that Mueller and his huge legal team are assisting Barr was on the chryon in big, bold letters.

“BARR: SPECIAL COUNSEL IS ASSISTING WITH REDACTIONS” read the producer’s notes on-screen while Maddow told viewers that Mueller wasn’t involved.

“They wouldn’t leave that to Barr to do that, Mueller would have done that,” Maddow claimed. “Mueller’s team would have done that as part of producing anything that they handed over outside their own offices. They’ve done that with every other document they have produced.”

“William Barr says it’s taking him a really long time because he’s having to do all that himself,” she said.

Even the liberal media seems to be getting sick of Maddow.

Liberal magazine The Nation’s editor Aaron Mate took to social media to call-out Maddow’s misinformation campaign.