A woman from China is arrested at Trump’s private club allegedly carrying malware—and she may have been trying to attend an event promoted by Cindy Yang.


Posted by R Murray – Nworeport

There’s a new Mar-a-Lago mystery. It involves a Chinese woman who allegedly tried to sneak into President Donald Trump’s private club carrying four cellphones, a laptop, and a thumb drive containing malicious software. And it happened on the same day as a scheduled event at the club that was promoted by Cindy Yang, the Trump donor and massage parlor owner who ran a business that offered access to Trump and other political figures. That event was slated to feature Trump’s sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau.

On Monday, federal prosecutors in Florida filed charges in federal court against Yujing Zhang for unlawfully entering a restricted area on March 30 when she attempted to gain access to Mar-a-Lago—and for making false statements to federal agents about her presence at the club. Trump and members of his family were visiting Mar-a-Lago when the incident occurred. Though considerable security measures were in place during the president’s visit, Zhang was still able to access the grounds of his private club and make her way through initial checkpoints.

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