Source: Charlie Kirk

Poor Joe Biden.  He is learning what it is like when the master has the monster he has helped to create, turn on him.

The Democrat Party in America is a mutative organism.  It has shown an ability to morph over the centuries as the circumstances surrounding it changes.  This newest version of Democrat may reflect their perfection as a lower political life form.  That might sound like a contradiction in terms, but the party’s history is rife with such inconsistencies.

The “Party of Jefferson” was formed in 1792 by his supporters and those of Founders like James Madison who favored decentralized government (can you imagine?).  Members were called Democrat-Republicans (more irony).  The group ruled successfully up until the time of Andrew Jackson in 1824 when the Presidential election got tossed to the House of Representatives and dissension ensued.  The party fractured and from that breakup, today’s Democrat Party emerged.

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