Cher is totally unhinged over the results of the Robert Mueller investigation. She also seems a little confused. The 72-year-old leftwing celebrity appears to believe President Donald Trump is controlling the release of the report, and she’s urging Mueller, who she calls a “hero,” to resign. Well, Mueller is done working on the report as we all know, so he can’t resign. Poor Cher also believes the report will prove Trump’s guilty. Immediately, she got torched.

Cher’s latest delusions are some of the best if you want to prove how celebrities have no idea what they are talking about. The Grammy Award winner should stick to music after her latest rant. It’s so embarrassing, you’d think someone would tell her to delete all her social media accounts.

“Robert Mueller Is [American] Hero,” Cher said. “I [Pray] HE RESIGNS IN PROTEST, BECAUSE OF WAY trump’s Holding On 2 His Report, By His Grotesque Teeth‼️ trumps, An Odious, Loathsome, Disgusting Repulsive Excuse 4 a Man. He’s a CHEAP CON MAN, WHO’S IN [Love] WITH A N. KOREAN DICTATOR, & [Kisses] THE ASSES OF 3 MORE.”

Of course, President Trump does not have the Mueller report. In fact, it’s at the DOJ as they go through it redacting classified information and redacting personal information so it can be read by whoever gets clearance by the Attorney General.

The president has nothing to do with and no say over if the report is made public. It’s the Attorney General’s call, period. Trump’s been asked over and over by the leftist press if he thinks the public should see it, and he has said every time: “I have no problem with that.”

So what in the hell is Cher going on about?

“Cher, like many in Hollywood, have been taking the Mueller report quite hard, as the report concludes that there was no collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia,” Breitbart reports. “President Trump also will not be charged with obstruction of justice, a decision reached by Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”

Well, we think we may have discovered the problem with Cher. Two days ago, she laid out her evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia, something she expects to see in the Mueller report. “1.Why Do All Roads Lead To Russia, 4 trump’, Family & Campaign,” tweeted Cher. “2. Why Did Every1 In trump Entourage, Family, Campaign, LIE About Russia 3. Why Did trump & GOP Change Platform 2Help Russia 4.Why Was first thing trump wanted 2 do when He became Pres, Was LIFT Sanctions on RUSSIA.”

Cher must have been listening to the Rachel Maddow Show over the last two years. She clearly got the same “bad information” which former CIA Director John Brennan said he was basing all his Trump-Russia accusations on.

“The Trump administration imposed several rounds of tough sanctions against Russian individuals and entities over the past two years,” Breitbart reported. That doesn’t square with Cher’s allegations. As to saying Trump’s family have all lied about Russia? That’s completely false. And of course, the GOP did not change their platform to be pro-Russia.

Well, Americans were fed-up with Cher and her illogical rants. “You and your fellow supporters are delusional… thankfully the truth always comes out in the end. In the meantime, I just shake my head. Robert Mueller didn’t resign, he was finished with the over-hyped investigation. And Rosenstein agreed with Barr’s findings,” posted Laura Snodgrass.

“My Lord, you are an ignorant one, aren’t you? Mueller is done, moron, there is nothing for him to resign from. As to releasing his report the Special Counsel law is a Clinton Era law and it spell out how the report is to be released. TRUMP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, MORON!!!!!” tweeted Tom Jones.

Someone in Cher’s world needs to have a heart to heart and let her know it’s time to stop posting on anything that has to do with Trump or anything remotely political on social media. The sheer ignorance of these tweets is appalling, and to think the leftwing singer has over three million followers makes it worse.

It has to be apparent to Cher’s Trump-hating fans that listening to celebrities and following their politics only makes them utter fools. That’s the good thing Cher’s ridiculous tweets may be doing in the world, besides validating to Trump supporters that they are on the right side of history. It’s been a really bad time for the Hollywood crowd, and it’s looking like this is just the beginning as the Trump train is going full steam ahead into 2020.