Believes Dems face defeat with far-left candidate

MSNBC Matthews: 2020 Election Looking Like GOP's 1972 Landslide

Source: Kit Daniels |

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said President Trump could be re-elected in a landslide much like the 1972 election if the Democrats shift to the far left.

The host suggested that many prominent Democrats are pushing too many issues all at once, each of which would lead to a drastic change in American life that will likely be seen as too sudden for most voters.

In particular, Matthews said:

What if the Democrats nominated a candidate who supports the key progressive issues of today, getting rid of the Electoral College, increasing the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, creating a government-run, national health system, paying a significant chunk of college tuition, liberalizing abortion laws, especially late in term and presenting immigration policies that would allow interpretation as open borders, including socialists, by the way, in the Democratic coalition?

Suppose the candidate, she or he, carrying all those positions is the one picked to go up against Donald Trump.

How will this choice strike the voters in such electoral swing states as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, even Virginia and North Carolina?

What’s hard is to identify a leading candidate that is resisting the move to the left.

Very hard because all seem determined to hold their own among those young, strongly progressive, often minority voters expected to make up the voting base in the early states.

I have a strong memory of how this pattern of Democratic Party behavior worked out the last time the party went hard to the left. It was 1972.

During the 1972 campaign, George McGovern won the Democratic Party’s nomination, yet he lost 49 states to incumbent Richard Nixon.

His stinging loss led to the phrase “McGovernism.”

“Once again politicians – mostly Republicans, but some Democrats, too – are using his name as a synonym for presidential campaigns that are laughable and out of touch with the American people,” wrote the Chicago Tribune’s Bob Greene in 1992.