Last Sunday, Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s findings in relation to the Russian collusion investigation which clearly stated that the Trump campaign in no way colluded with Russia.

Since then, many Democrats in the media have taken the opportunity to create conspiracy theories to not only discredit Attorney General William Barr, but also Robert Mueller.

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Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

Republicans and the White House have celebrated Barr’s letter as an exoneration of the president, but Democrats and the media have seized on what they see as an elaborate cover-up by Trump’s “hand-picked” AG.

The New York Times reported Thursday, “Democrats, who like all other lawmakers have not seen the report, have all but accused Mr. Barr of covering up damaging information it contains.”

Some have indicated that because Barr summarized a 300-page report in just a four page letter, he must be oversimplifying or misinterpreting the results of Mueller’s investigation.

If Barr does not release the report in its entirety, including grand jury information, one anonymous Hill staffer told the Washington Post, then he will be participating in a “coverup.”