Chanel Lewis told police that he murdered Karina Vetrano because she fought him when he tried to rape her.


A man who emigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica, lived here with all the benefits, and then brutally and sadistically murdered a woman because she ‘resisted’ his attempts to rape her has been convicted of murder.

Chanel Lewis got away with the crime once before when a hung jury refused to accept his own guilty confession of the heinous crime.

However, a new jury found him guilty for sexually assaulting and violently murdering Karina Vetrano in Howard Beach, and upscale part of New York.

Of the four count guilty verdict, Vetrano’s father, a retired firefighter, said “Justice… justice has been served.”

The Queens jogger was assaulted and her body dumped at a desolate stretch of parkland.

Karina’s father, Philip Vetrano, said he felt “jubilation” after the verdict was read.

Lewis was found guilty of first- degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and aggravated sexual abuse for his deadly assault.

The courtroom was packed with Karina’s family members and supporters who demanded justice, and they cheered when the verdict was read.

“Thank God!” several said.

The New York Post reported:

Lewis will be sentenced on April 17. He walked out of the courtroom with a blank expression on his face while glancing at the few people who were there to support him.

Earlier in the day, the jurors heard closing arguments as Vetrano’s parents wept and prayed in the courtroom, hoping Lewis would be convicted after his first trial ended with a controversial hung jury in November after only one day of deliberations.

In his closing statement, Queens Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal pointed at Lewis and told jurors, “He’s the man who murdered Karina. This defendant is the perpetrator.”

Leventhal showed photos of Vetrano’s lifeless body and reminded jurors that Lewis had confessed on tape before his first trial.

Lewis’ Legal Aid lawyer, Robert Moeller, accused investigators of “ignoring the facts” and said they “never once looked at another possibility” after singling out Lewis as a suspect.

“They came up with a logical explanation and never looked back,” he said.

The Legal Aid Society vowed to appeal the verdict.

“Our client did not receive a fair trial,” the group said in a written statement. “We will appeal immediately to a court that can afford Mr. Lewis the fair review he has thus far been denied.”

One juror has already stated that he felt pressured to deliver a guilty verdict, but many people point to the leftist talking point of supposed police intimidation that has no basis for truth.

In a confession to authorities, Lewis explained that he left his home angry, and started wandering into Spring Creek Park.

When he saw Karina, the official said he just ‘lost it,’ hitting and choking her.

Then he became enraged when Vetrano tried to fight his attempted rape.

He added that he repeatedly punched her and dragged her into the tall grass near the jogging path.

There, “I finished her off,” Lewis told cops, according to the tape.

Evidence, including the clothing he was wearing during the attack was discovered at his apartment.

Lewis was tracked through a 911 call in the spring of 2016 and through three prior legal offenses.

One was for urinating in public, while two others involved breaking the rules in the same park where the victim’s body was discovered.

When he provided a matching DNA sample, and that was enough evidence for police.

The ‘Legal Aid Society’ will probably fight this justice as hard as possible.