Democrats have been losing it over this process


Former FBI Director James Comey told CNN he believes Attorney General William Barr deserves the benefit of the doubt from those who are concerned about how he will handle the Mueller report in the days and weeks leading up to its expected release to Congress.

What are people worried about? Some believe that Barr, President Donald Trump’s hand-picked attorney general who has expressed opposition to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in the past, will try to hinder release of the report or obscure key information with redactions.

What did Comey say about it? “Bill Barr, our attorney general, deserves the benefit of the doubt. Give him a chance to show us what he feels like he can’t show us. I have to imagine that former director Mueller wrote the report with an eye towards it being public some day, so I can’t imagine a lot needs to be cut out of it. But let’s wait and see. The attorney general deserves that chance.”

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