• The Facts:FakeNews watchdog NewsGuard aims to hold independent media accountable for their stories. Funded by Clinton donors and big pharma, with ties tot he CFR, NewsGuard seems to have a clear agenda in favor of mainstream media.
  • Reflect On:The image for this article was chosen specifically. Many are attempting to make it feel like the internet is a fake news haven, but is mainstream media just as guilty? More? Be sure to listen to our podcast on this topic!

You may recall an expose we did on NewsGuard back in January 2019. We covered who owns NewsGuard, the various agencies tied to the company and how their ratings have gone thus far.

At the time, the CFR linked and Big Pharma funded ‘fake news watchdog’ had not yet ‘vetted’ Collective Evolution and thus we had no direct experience with them yet. But the day did eventually come! Before they got to us, NewsGuard was already clear in its approach: give poor ratings to anyone in alternative news, alternative health or who didn’t cover things in classic mainstream narratives.

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