Internet giant are accused of paying 24 times less corporation tax than they should have done — a major hit to public services

Source: Graham Hiscott

Web giant Google has been accused of avoiding enough UK corporation tax last year to give our flatlining NHS 60,000 more nurses.

The £1.5billion estimate by campaign group the Tax Justice Network, in an analysis for the Mirror, is based on the firm booking all UK sales here rather than ­apparently diverting them abroad.

The potential shot in the arm for our public services would be almost 24 times the £67million Google says it actually paid in corporation tax in 2018.

The claims come after Google agreed a deal with HMRC in 2016 to hand over £130million in back taxes following an outcry at how little it had been paying.

At the time, the company said: “We will now pay tax based on revenue from UK-based advertisers, which reflects the size and scope of our UK businesses.”

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell slammed the US firm, whose parent company Alphabet has a stock market value of around £645billion, as he vowed that Labour would make global giants “pay their way”.

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