America is a nation of immigrants. Everyone knows that.

And yet, because of Congressional Democrats who are unwilling to enforce the laws on the books, the United States can no longer be that nation.

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At some point, immigration has to stop. The system has reached capacity.

Allow President Trump to elaborate:

TRUMP: “This is our new statement- the system is full. We can’t take you anymore. Whether it’s asylum or anything you want – illegal immigration – we can’t take you anymore. Our country is full. Our area is full. The sector is full. Can’t take you anymore, I’m sorry. Turn around”


Trump is right. It is what it is.

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America is the most compassionate country in the world, but far too many people have taken advantage.

The jig is up.

Those “migrant caravans” America keeps hearing about is largely made up of people from Central America.

President Trump is letting Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador know that he’s through with the BS.

He wants those countries to get their act together.

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For now, though, no more foreign aid!

From The Hill:

The United States will no longer provide foreign assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

A State Department spokesperson told The Hill in a statement Saturday that the agency was directed to halt aid to the so-called Northern Triangle countries and was directed to do so by President Trump.

“At the Secretary’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” the statement said. “We will be engaging Congress as part of this process.”


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement Friday that she signed a “historic” regional compact this week with representatives of the Northern Triangle countries. She said the countries agreed to “combat human smuggling and trafficking, crack down on transnational criminals fueling the crisis and strengthen border security to prevent irregular migration.”

It appears a new migrant caravan has formed and they are heading straight for the southern border.

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From Reuters:

A caravan of some 1,200 migrants from Central America and Cuba began moving towards the U.S. border from southern Mexico this weekend, migration authorities said on Sunday.

The National Migration Institute said the migrants were already inside Mexico when they opted to form a caravan in the southern city of Tapachula on the border with Guatemala.

Daily Wire has more:

The development is likely to do little to ease tensions over the Trump Administration’s immigration policies, or between the United States and Mexico. The latter pledged several months ago to do all it could to intercept migrant caravans before they made it too far through the country, offering migrants headed to the United States temporary asylum within Mexico and accelerated access to work permits and the Mexican immigration system.

The strategies haven’t worked, though, and migrant caravans continue to push through Mexico to the United States, worsening a growing problem on the border, and crowding Mexican border towns with illegal immigrants in line to declare asylum at Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico border checkpoints.


News of this latest caravan comes the same day as the Department of Homeland Security reports a new surge in illegal immigrant arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border — an astounding peak of more than 20,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions in the month of March so far.

Axios reports that the influx has been “driven by an influx of migrant families and unaccompanied children” (rather than mostly single, adult men looking for work, as it was a decade ago), mostly from Central America, and that, according to DHS officials, illegal alien interdiction has become so difficult, it’s almost as if there is no interdiction at all.

As if border patrol wasn’t already overwhelmed, right?

This is what happens when Democrats let the world know that America is borderless.