CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour, along with two New York Times writers, sickeningly linked Fox News to last month’s shooting massacre in New Zealand.

On Thursday’s edition of her CNN/PBS show, Amanpour invited on the New York Times’ Jonathan Mahler and James Rutenberg to promote their three-part investigative piece on Rupert Murdoch and indict Fox News as an “anti-immigrant” network that spewed the kind of “ethno-nationalist agenda” that stoked the New Zealand mosque shooter.

After reading an excerpt from their story, Amanpour prompted Mahler to expound on Murdoch-owned networks’ “vilifying people of color at home” and “abroad.”

Mahler responded: “What’s happening now on Fox News…is this…kind of ethno-nationalist agenda…which you can also see at their outlet in Australia, Sky News Australia….where they’ve effectively recreated Fox News during prime time and are pushing the same sort of anti-immigrant sentiments.”

Amanpour then drew a direct line from Fox to the New Zealand shooting: “I have to…point out right now….the danger of this kind of activity. Because this Sky After Dark program that you’re talking about….one could say, well, look, what happened? It was an Australian who went to New Zealand and massacred 50 people in two mosques.”

NewsBusters’ Clay Waters is doing a deep-dive on Mahler and Rutenberg’s hit piece. If this interview is indicative, expect even more obnoxious assertions in the entire series.



The following is the full transcript of the relevant exchange as it was aired on the April 4 edition of CNN/PBS’s Amanpour and Company: