• The Facts:Adam Schiff, in response to the Mueller Report finding no evidence of Russian collusion, and a request from all Republicans to step down as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, simply continues to investigate links between Russia and Trump.
  • Reflect On:Are we seeing signs that the Deep State is in desperation mode, with few options left in trying to prevent their long-standing crimes from being revealed and prosecuted? How does this play a role in our awakening to what is really going on?

Those who indiscriminately follow the worldview promoted by mainstream media are likely to have scorn and ridicule for president Donald Trump and every single thing he does. Like some commentators, they may even be critical of Trump if he does something that they criticized him for not doing at an earlier time.

Of course, Trump is being mocked for the notion that he is ‘draining the swamp,’ since the mainstream narrative frames the existence of a ‘Deep State’ as an alt-right conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality. And this stands to reason, since the fundamental lynchpin of the mainstream media worldview is that “things are as they appear”: the duly elected government has all the power, the only battle is left versus right, and there is no shadow government or dark global elite that have long held tremendous influence and control over the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government.

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