Source: Tim Pearce | Energy Reporter

  • The Daily Caller News Foundation asked 19 international corporations started in the U.S. if each identified as an “American” company.
  • About half did not respond, while the others gave a range of answers, including the tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The tech giants have faced intense public scrutiny recently because of the unprecedented access each has to Americans’ data and because of the power each has over communication and politics across the U.S.

Ten international corporations contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation got their start in the U.S. but stayed silent when asked if they saw themselves as “American” companies.

Nine others responded to TheDCNF’s inquiry by either identifying with their American heritage, obscuring their loyalties or declining to comment altogether. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: TheDCNF Asked Paris Climate Accord Backers If They’d Support Banning Private Jets. Most Didn’t Respond)

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