Michelle Obama was in Copenhagen, Denmark,  on the last leg of her big book tour. However, Michelle must be crying her eyes out after the European women in attendance didn’t find the former first lady to be the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, they hated everything about the event: from her ultra-expensive outfit to her arrogant attitude and her lavish lifestyle. You don’t want to miss this.

Michelle Obama in Copenhagen at the Royal Arena (Photo Credit: MARTIN SYLVEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Michelle Obama is so beloved and fawned over by the mainstream media in the United States, she must be shocked by what happened in Copenhagen, Denmark. The 55-year-old former first lady took to the stage at the Royal Arena wearing a pink pant-suit which was crystal-studded, and she topped that off with gaudy metallic pumps and green nail polish.

Of course, the leftist media was gushing over Ms. Obama’s $2,400 dollar outfit. “The 55-year-old former first lady paid homage to the capital by wearing a $2,410 light pink suit by local Danish designer Stine Goya to visit the Royal Arena on Tuesday evening,” the Daily Mail reported. “Michelle’s pink blazer and straight leg dress pants were embellished with bursts of crystals that captured the light when she moved.”

“The mother-of-two accessorized the sparkly look with a pair of metallic gold heels and plenty of jewelry,” the Daily Mail added. “She wore hoop earrings that peeked out from underneath her dark brown waves and what looked like diamond bands on her fingers. Never one to shy away from a fashion moment, she sported long nails that were lacquered with jade green polish that complemented her blush-colored suit.”

Well, that’s not what the majority of people thought about her outfit. Janice Shaw Crouse, who was executive director of the World Congress of Families IX, and is currently a Senior Fellow at Concerned Women for America, said, “Not a fan of the suit. Plain ill-fitting cheap looking pink suit with splotches of glitter just randomly thrown on.” But that’s not all.

That was just the beginning of the criticism, and it goes way beyond Michelle’s wardrobe. “CEO of Microsoft Denmark Marianne Dahl criticizes Michelle Obama’s performance of wasting other women’s time with talk about child education, cooking, and interior design,” reports Finans, a Denmark magazine.

“Marianne Dahl believes that the event with the former first lady was bizarre – a woman whom Marianne Dahl otherwise describes as being extraordinarily talented,” Finans added. “Deputy Director of Dell Technologies, Anja Monrad, also had this review: ‘Like being forced into a really bad group of mothers,‘ she writes about the event.”

And the women of Copenhagen didn’t like Rachel Ray either, who interviewed the former first lady. “The interviewer asked indifferent questions and Obama responded with trivialities. If it were supposed to be an event with and for strong women, it didn’t hit the nail on the head at all,” writes Ida Auken on Twitter.

And here’s how the Copenhagen attendees summed Michelle’s appearance: “A good 11,000 had bought a ticket for the event at the Royal Arena – but on social media, the dominant position is that you did not miss anything if you did not attend Michelle Obama’s show.” 

These were Michelle Obama fans, but when they got up close and personal with the real deal, they found her to be extremely arrogant and unlikable. They felt cheated. Making matter worse was Michelle prancing around in that horrible pink pantsuit with the flashy gold metallic heels and green nail polish. No wonder the mainstream media are hoping to hide the truth of this event.

However, the leftist media failed.

“I still don’t understand the fascination with her. What has she done for our country besides being the former president’s wife,” said Susana West, commenting on the fawning reports from Copenhagen.

“Please go away…far,” said another commenter on Michelle’s Copenhagen appearance.

“What the hell is with that outfit?! And the green talons? Gross,” wrote Francesca from Australia.

“How many times did she say I, Me, Mine..” said Bob from the United States.