Stevie Wonder isn't really blind, conspiracy theorists claim

Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind and has been fooling millions of fans around the world for decades, according to new ‘evidence’ released by conspiracy theorists.

Stevie was born prematurely before his eye blood vessels had properly formed, which plunged him into blindness. At least, that’s what he officially wants people to believe.

According to some experts, the story was a massive PR stunt designed to sell more records. reports: Stevie himself has often made fun of the outlandish theory, pretending to read a results card at the Grammys and even trying to drive during James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

And in 2017 he stunned one reporter by teasing, “This year, I will reveal the truth.”

So what’s the supposed evidence that the kooky crew out there believes?

The mic catch

Conspiracy theorists claim Stevie gave the game away when he tried to catch a falling microphone live on stage at the White House in 2010.

The star was taking part in a group performance when Paul McCartney accidentally knocked the microphone on his way past.

And viewers were floored when Stevie, 68, reached out to catch it.

His picture taking skills

The suspicious sorts’ spidey senses went into overdrive when Stevie was pictured taking a picture of Micheal Jackson at the Mowtown Museum in 1996.

How did he know where to point the camera and what buttons to press, ask the so-called ‘Stevie Wonder Truthers’.

His ex-girlfriend

Former girlfriend and collaborator Ms Mbappe – whose first name is suspiciously unknown – once sensationally accused Stevie of “telling a few lies to stand out from the crowd and get attention.”

“All the big names had a gimmick back then. Stevie was the genius in glasses who couldn’t see a thing,” she apparently told Enquêteur Africain, insisting he was “forced to stick with it and live the rest of his life as a pretend blind man.”

His love of basket ball

Stevie loves a game of B-ball and is often spotted sitting courtside and cheering on the action.

And the mysterious Ms Mbappe was quoted as claiming it speaks volumes.

“Have you seen him sitting front row at basketball games? He loves basketball,” she continued.

“Have you seen him taking photographs? He is an amazing photographer. He peers down the lens in viewfinders, composing beautiful photos. He has a great eye. His walls are covered with gorgeous photos he has taken around the world. He shows these photos to house guests and they still don’t get it! He can see! People are so gullible it’s truly phenomenal.”

Boy George’s ‘theory’

As the Boy George unproven legend goes, the Culture Club star apparently claimed he was at a party when Stevie marched over and put him in a play-fighting head lock.

“How could he know where I was if he’s completely blind?” he has often been quoted as saying.