Seriously, it’s like Margaret Sanger’s evil lives on in this generation as an Ohio democrat tried to ensure that African American babies wouldn’t be protected by the Heartbeat law.


In what appears to be a re-birth of the vile racism and hatred exhibited by Margaret Sanger, a democrat in Ohio tried to make sure that black babies weren’t protected by the ‘Heartbeat’ Bill that was just passed.

Rep. Janine Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights) filed an amendment stating that “African-American women shall be exempt from the requirements in sections 2919.192 to 2919.196 of the Revised Code,” arguing that allowing African American moms to kill their babies even if they have a detectable heartbeat would help America move past slavery.


Although her amendment was not approved, the fact that she even proposed it is unconscionable.

Just in case someone doesn’t recognize the racist hate of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, here are a few quotes:

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”
Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2

“All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class… Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, though prudent, practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a cleaner race.”
— Margaret Sanger, “Morality and Birth Control,” Feb-Mar 1918

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”
— Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198

“… these two words [birth control] sum up our whole philosophy… It means the release and cultivation of the better elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.”
— Margaret Sanger, “High Lights in the History of Birth Control,” Oct 1923.

However, in Ohio, the law has been signed, preventing abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

Before that happened, Boyd tried her best to make sure black babies could still be killed.

“I consider the slave trade and how black slaves were considered like cattle and put out to stud in order to create generations of more slaves,” Boyd testified on Tuesday.

“I consider how many masters raped their slaves. I consider how many masters forced their slaves to have abortions and I consider how many pregnant slaves self-induced abortion so they would not contribute children they have to this slave system.”

“Our country is not far enough beyond our history to legislate as if it is, and so I ask you with all of your values to vote yes to this amendment,” Boyd concluded.

It’s hard to argue with a person this deluded.

By her own words, Boyd claimed that black infants are a legacy of slavery and she dehumanized them on the basis of their race. She basically said black babies shouldn’t have the same protections as others.

“Every human being is valuable regardless of the color of his or her skin,” Mark Harrington, president of the pro-life group Created Equal, said in a statement. “To suggest that only African-American babies with detectable heartbeats should be killed in Ohio is shocking racism not befitting of a representative of the Ohio House.”

Harrington called on Boyd to issue a formal apology.

“Representative Boyd should apologize for this insulting amendment and demonstrate her good faith with a vote on the Ohio House floor in favor of the Heartbeat Bill,” Harrington added.

PJ Media reported:

Last year, pro-abortion billboards went up in black neighborhoods, and one billboard campaign actively promoted abortion for black women. “Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves,” the billboard said. “Abortion is self-care.”

The recent film Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer effectively countered the disgusting idea that abortion empowers black women.

While the abortionist Kermit Gosnell performed abortions on black women, he treated them worse than the white women in his clinic. Yet Gosnell and his lawyers argued that his dirty and poorly run abortion clinic should be allowed to cut corners because it “served” low-income black women.

Black babies have the same right to life as any Asian, Hispanic, or white baby. There is no reason to mark black babies for death due to the color of their skin. The very idea of this abortion racism is heinous.

Republicans Governor Mike DeWine signed the ‘Heartbeat’ Law, which bans abortions in Ohio after the first detectable heartbeat. The new restriction is one of the nation’s most stringent, and will surely have to be decided in court, because regardless of the will of the people, liberals will likely sue.