Is it possible that former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett walks free without even a slap on the wrist?

A famous minority can now commit a hate crime against oneself, blame white men and just head off to Hawaii like nothing ever happened, huh?

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What a shame.

After refusing to reimburse the city of Chicago for his hate hoax, Smollett decided he deserved a vacation.

From Daily Caller:

Jussie Smollett has been spotted in Hawaii on vacation with his family.

And while the disgraced “Empire” actor is in Hawaii, officials in Chicago are preparing to file a civil lawsuit against him to recover the money that was lost during the city’s investigation into the alleged hate crime hoax he orchestrated against himself, TMZ reported Thursday.

The city wants Smollett to pay back the $130,000 that was spent to fund the investigation.

Rahm Emanuel, Democrat mayor of Chicago, has not been on Smollett’s side 100% of the time.

Surprisingly enough, Rahm, a former top aide to Barack Obama, has smacked down Smollett on a number of occasions since he was let off the hook with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

However, Emanuel now says “toxic” President Trump is to blame for Jussie’s actions.

From Breitbart:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blamed President Donald Trump in a press conference Thursday for the alleged hate hoax carried out by Empire Jussie Smollett, claiming that the president created a “toxic” and “vicious” cycle for which the star thought he could get away with the purportedly staged attack on himself.

“Look, I’ve always said from day one this is a Trump-free zone, the city of Chicago, and I mean it,” Emanuel told reporters. “Let me be really clear about something: The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is for the environment, the toxic environment Donald Trump created.”

“This is a president who drew a moral equivalency between people who are trying to perpetuate bigotry and those who are trying to fight bigotry,” the mayor continued. “As somebody who started his own journey in politics fighting the neo-Nazis in Skokie and Marquette Park, President Trump should literally take his politics, move it aside.”

Emanuel wants Smollett to cut the city a $130,000 check.