Cities that have opted to declare themselves as welcome zones for illegal aliens “deserve” to be targeted by President Trump’s proposed migrant dumping scheme, according to former acting director of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan.

Homan asserted that migrants from around the world are seeking entrance to the U.S. in the hopes of landing in ‘sanctuary cities,’ which they hope will shower them with benefits and protection from federal authorities.

“I think they deserve to see the results of their failed polices,” said Homan.

“He played a smart hand. He knew most of these people were already going to sanctuary cities, but what he did was pull the curtain back on Democratic leadership.”

Homan called out the “pure hypocrisy” of Democrat lawmakers who push for open borders while projecting outrage when it is brought to their doorsteps.

“Because of these sanctuary policies, this is one of the reasons they come to this country,” Homan said. “They think they can enter this country illegally, move to a sanctuary city where they are provided free services, free social services, free college tuition, in-state tuition, driver’s licenses…”

“I’ve been fighting sanctuary cities for the past several years and I’ve talked about it in front of Congress and talked about with the media,” he continued. “Sanctuary cities are dangerous for the community because they knowingly release criminal aliens back into the public to re-offend… and over half will re-offend in the first year.”

“It’s dangerous for the officers of ICE, who… rather than arrest a guy in the safety of the county jail — now we have to go to the neighborhood and find the rest of them,” Homan said. “It doesn’t protect the immigrant community because ICE goes into the community to find the bad guys, and they’re mostly likely going to find others that weren’t even on the radar.”