White House counselor dismantles media talking points after report vindicates President

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shreds Fake News After Mueller Report Exonerates Trump

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway destroyed the fake news media at a press conference following Thursday’s release of the Mueller report.

“This is the success of the Democrats in the first 100 days,” Conway began the presser, holding up a blank piece of paper.

Elsewhere in the interview, Conway referred to the FBI Special Counsel’s probe as a “political proctology exam” from which the president emerged with a “clean bill of health,” and told the media it was “time to move on” from the investigation.

“That should make people very good about democracy,” Conway said, referring to the report. “And it should make people feel really great that a campaign I managed to its successful end did not collude with any Russians.”

“We’re accepting apologies today, too,” Conway offered, “for anybody who feels the grace in offering them.”

Speaking to the narrative pushed by the media that the Trump campaign had relied on Russia in order to beat Democrat challenger Hillary Clinton, Conway noted:

“When I needed to find negative information about Hillary Clinton and how to beat her, I looked no further than Hillary Clinton.”

She later elaborated on Twitter: “We had Wisconsin. We didn’t need WikiLeaks. Don’t lose sight of what an awful day this is for awful candidate with awful excuses for running awful campaign.”