No reports about why the behavior started or the reason, just a bunch of thug entitled kids controlling the liberal stronghold of Chicago and requiring a massive police response, which didn’t really do anything.


Last night, for some unknown (or unreported) reason, hundreds of Chicago ‘teens’ took to the streets, yelling, stopping traffic, and generally running amok. The mod violence has been described by some as ‘wilding’… which must mean idiots running wild?

Interesting word ‘amok’—according to research it is “an episode of sudden mass assault against people or objects usually by a single individual following a period of brooding that has traditionally been regarded as occurring especially in Malay culture but is now increasingly viewed as psychopathological behavior.”

This describes the wild, uncontrolled behavior perfectly.

These ‘teens’ would not obey police officers, but of course, that’s not new.

Just recently, a mob protected a drug dealer from arrest. The two officers involved had to flee from the threats of violence because they knew that if they defended themselves, the media outrage and cries of racism would crucify them.

So now, in Chicago, there is no law and order.

CBS reported:

Chicago police were dealing with hundreds of teens running through downtown Chicago Wednesday night, yelling, stopping traffic and running in the streets.

A huge police presence did not deter the rowdy behavior at Millennium Park.

The crowd then moved to State and Lake, where Chicago police were preparing to hold a press conference about the chaos. Police said they told most of the teens to go home, and directed them towards public transportation.

Officers arrested those who disobeyed orders from police.

“They work their butt off all night long, and they are so tolerant of these kids who are just so disrespectful, cursing at them, saying the things that they say, and we have the upmost tolerance of that,” said Chief Fred Waller.

Police say they had 200 officers on the scene, and as many as 500 young people were involved.

Twenty males and six females were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. All 26 were released from custody.

So, even though they disobeyed the law, they were released.

Basically the message to these ‘kids’ is do what you want, you’re entitled to go nuts and you won’t ever have to be a productive member of society because soon, there will be no society—no safety—in Chicago.

This is sickening.