Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party at the Regal Cinemas LA Live Theater. We will be using our grassroots activism to invite LA citizens to fill the Theater for the screening. Our 35 minute film is a documentary style short film created by using the #WalkAway testimonials of 20 black Americans telling their stories of why they have left the Democratic Party and can never return. It tells the TRUE history of the KKK, Planned Parenthood, media bias, Obama, Trump, and how racial minority communities are often DISCOURAGED from thinking for themselves politically.

Recently, Hollywood actor Isaiah Washington very publicly announced his own #WalkAway, and now is joining the #WalkAway team as a panelist for this event.

“WE WILL BE REGISTERING NEW VOTERS (or changing registrations) AT THE EVENT!!” Brandon Straka said.

•Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Campaign Founder
•Isaiah Washington, Actor
•Joy Villa, Singer/Songwriter
•Angela King, American King Foundation Founder
•Major Williams, Politician

The #WalkAway movement started last May when Brandon Straka, a gay man, realized everything he was told by the media about conservatives and Donald Trump was a lie.

Mr. Straka realized that the Democrats use fear, lies, and disinformation campaigns to keep various minority groups scared and “victimized” in order to secure them as a voting bloc.


Straka has inspired millions of people with his courage and unrelenting quest to expose the liberal media and Democrat lies.

The #WalkAWay movement has gained a lot of momentum which is why Brandon Straka has been on the receiving end of vicious attacks from the left.

Tickets to Straka’s event are FREE, and can be reserved at: