Just like last year, President Trump has announced that he will not be attending the far Left White House Correspondents dinner and will instead be holding a rally for his loyal supporters.

This announcement by the president has seemed to ruffle the feathers of many liberals in the media, specifically CNN’s Brian Stelter who called the announcement by President Trump an “attack against the media.”

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“The president and members of his administration will not attend the White House Correspondents Dinner this year,” a senior Trump administration official told The Washington Times on Tuesday. “Instead, Saturday evening President Trump will travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin where he will hold a campaign rally.”

On “CNN Newsroom” with Brooke Baldwin, Stelter couldn’t hold back his frustrations.

“It is an awards dinner and a fundraiser,” Stelter said. “In the past, presidents have shown up even if they were angry at the press at any given time and, importantly, it’s useful for White House aides to schmooze with reporters.”

“It’s helpful for us to get to know our sources,” Stelter continued. “There’s some value in these sorts of festive events, but it is, as you said, another example of a tradition at least being put on pause during the Trump age. Here’s what the Correspondents’ Association says. They said, basically, they don’t mind either way and this event is about celebrating journalists and the First Amendment and so the show will go on. There is the statement about this weekend’s dinner and dinners in the future.”

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“But look, it’s yet another example of what we’re seeing. This administration’s attack against the media takes many forms,” Stelter ended.

He continued: “One form is the President having a rally this Saturday instead of attending the dinner and I do think it matters mostly because what it means about these tensions continuing to escalate. It makes you wonder, you know, there’s been all this talk in the Mueller report about the President making orders, making orders and then being ignored. Yesterday he told Kaitlan Collins nobody disobeys my orders and then what happens today? An order not to attend the dinner this weekend. Makes you wonder if that’s all a coincidence or not.”


That’s a pretty radical spin! Why should President Trump attend a “fundraiser” to help raise money for the people who not only despise him, but want him removed from office?

Once again, Stelter is trying to be the “victim.”

Twitter made sure to slam the radical liberal for his insane comments.

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“Brian Stelter thought the deplatforming of Alex Jones was a cause for celebration. For him to now talk about how Trump not attending some dinner is an “attack against the media” and to suggest that it has anything to do with the first amendment is utterly hilarious,” said Jon Miller.

“How did this guy ever get a show called ‘Reliable Sources’?” Dan Bongino said in a tweet.

“TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] is a helluva condition,” Benjamin Weingarten tweeted.

Trump doesn’t even have to expose the insanity of his enemies anymore because they are doing it themselves!

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