A Presbyterian church in South Carolina was vandalized on Easter Sunday, but the mainstream media is not reporting the hate crime.

The Midway Presbyterian Church was spray painted with “Submit to God thru Islam” and “Muhammed is his prophet” hours after the service on Sunday afternoon.

Three of its 125-year-old windows were smashed according to local law enforcement and parishioners had to cover them with plastic to prevent more damage from a storm later that evening.

The Anderson Police Department is offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the individuals who committed the hate crime.

The fact that this occurred yesterday, but that the only major news outlet reporting the heinous crime has covered it other than Fox News, shows the despicable bias and hate the liberal media has for both Christians and history.

Fox News reported:

Police posted about the incident in the afternoon Sunday. The church’s service began earlier in the day at 10:30 a.m.

The church’s mission statement says “our purpose is to call people into a living and growing relationship with God in Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit, and to promote the mission of Christ in compassionate ministries.

“We intend to be a welcoming and caring church – a church family that nurtures a sense of community and belonging.  We want young and old to join us in the Christian pilgrimage as sojourners in the great adventure of faith.”

The church dates its origins back to the 1800s.

Some commenters claim that this may have been done by an ‘anti-fascist’ and not a Muslim. But, that argument seems backwards. Usually, fascist techniques are only used against citizens when antifa can claim ‘protests.’

This crime is blatantly evil.

Other comments showed the progression of vandalism to violence and predicted an escalation.

There is a hatred for all things good, decent and honorable among many Muslims, and vandalizing a church that has stood for two centuries is something that a brainwashed member of a violent religion may very well do.