Photo appears to show Notre Dame cathedral fire reflected off former First Lady’s wine glass

Shock Report: Michelle Obama Drinks As Notre Dame Burns


Michelle Obama was sipping wine as she watched the Notre Dame cathedral fires from a Paris dinner cruise, paparazzi photos appear to show.

In one photo of the Ducasse sur Seine dinner attended by the former First Lady, smoke clouds and the church inferno appear to reflect off her wine glass as she looks on.

“Michelle Obama enjoying the fire of Notre Dame on a Paris cruise sipping some fine champagne shows the decadence of our time…AMEN,” wrote Illuminati researcher and author Leo Zagami.

The river cruise, which sails the Seine River, was set to pass the historic cathedral, but the boat’s captain reportedly changed course when notified of the fire that evening, writes The Daily Mail.

TMZ also reported: “We’re told the boat’s captain ultimately made the decision to take a different route than planned for the cruise to avoid the Notre Dame fire… dinner was still served.”

An itinerary of the route taken by the Ducasse sur Seine dinner tour shows the cruise typically circles back to the Eiffel Tower boarding point near the cathedral.

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Other Facebook users claimed the necklace worn by the First Lady during the event appears to say the word, “burning,” but it likely says, “Becoming,” since the First lady was in town for her book tour.

Obama later tweeted about her visit to Paris.

“Being here in Paris tonight, my heart aches with the people of France,” Obama wrote, adding, “Yet I know that Notre Dame will soon awe us again.”