Some stories you just can’t make up.

This is one of them.

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Super gluing your own breasts to the street to fight climate change, huh?

Okay, then.

From The Sun:

The protester who glued her breasts to the road outside the Goldman Sachs office in Fleet Street was eventually removed from the floor and led away by cops.

Just before 7am this morning two men and five women dressed in black suits, red ties and visors glued themselves in a chain to a wall and to each other at the Stock Exchange.

They wore LED signs saying “climate emergency”, “tell the truth” and “you can’t eat money”.

Protester Adam Woodall said they had targeted the building because “people are making millions, even billions of pounds out of trading ecological destruction”.

Financial workers arrived at the Stock Exchange to learn they could not enter.

One said: “It’s annoying. I want to earn a living and I need to make sure that I do. I need to live on the planet too.”

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