The people of Venezuela are suffering so badly that many are forced to fend for food from the back of garbage trucks. Some even look for drinkable water in the sewers.

When far-left governments take guns and assume total control, these are types of results that should be expected.

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On Tuesday night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a major announcement about dictator Nicolas Maduro.

From Reuters:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was prepared to leave the country on Tuesday morning in the face of a call for an uprising by opposition leader Juan Guaido, but reversed his plan after Russia intervened, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a U.S. television interview on Tuesday.

Pompeo noted, “They had an airplane on the tarmac. He was ready to leave this morning, as we understand it. Russians indicated he should stay.

Here’s more:

“He was headed for Havana,” Pompeo said.

The Secretary of State refused to say whether Maduro would be permitted to safely depart for Cuba, instead saying that “Mr. Maduro understands what will happen if he gets on that airplane.”

“He knows our expectations,” Pompeo said when repeatedly pressed on the question.

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There is currently a coup underway in the socialist nation.

The regime of Nicolas Maduro isn’t going down without a fight, with video capturing a large truck barreling over protesters.

National Security Adviser John Bolton says military force in Venezuela is now on the table.

Venezuela has long been praised by Hollywood elites for whatever reason. This, despite authoritarian dictators torturing and starving their citizens.

The country is in a state of disarray, with President Trump now recognizing a new leader over Nicolas Maduro.

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Now, Venezuelans have a strong message for people who believe in Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders’ message.

In short: knock it off!

Some notable quotes from the video, include:

“Bernie Sanders is your enemy. Do not ever, ever get involved with this individual or any of the other socialists.”

“People are eating from trash bags in the streets.”

“In Venezuela, there is no food, no medicine, education. No, nothing, nothing.”

“We also thought that this could never happen in our country. We had a balance of powers, we had democracy, and we elected our leaders.”


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More on Maduro, via NPR:

Vice President Pence traveled to Bogotá, Colombia, on Monday and urged regional leaders to support Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, vowing that the U.S. will stand with the opposition leader “until your libertad is restored.”

Pence also announced U.S. sanctions against several border-state governors aligned with embattled Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro who are said to be involved in blocking shipments of humanitarian aid from reaching Venezuelans.


Military forces have prevented most of the food and medicine from crossing the country’s borders with Brazil and Colombia. Clashes with protesters and volunteers trying to unload truckloads of aid resulted in the deaths of least four people this weekend. Hundreds more were wounded.

Trucks carrying items were torched, amid tear gas fired by the military and attacks waged by paramilitary groups, as NPR has reported.