Source: GateWay Pundit

John Brennan knows he is in trouble for his role in Spygate.

Former CIA Director John Brennan jumped into the fray Wednesday and viciously attacked President Trump following the leak of his tax documents to the New York Times.

Brennan accused Trump of hoodwinking Americans (only the so-called good Americans) with his “dishonest and unethical self promotion.”

John Brennan labeled the remaining Trump followers as “racists, white supremacists, misogynists and political sycophants.”

The New York Times obtained 10 years of Donald Trump’s tax documents from his federal income tax returns — for the years 1985 – 1994 and released the docs Tuesday evening.

The Times reported that Donald Trump’s core businesses (hotels, apartment buildings and casinos) took a $1.17 billion loss. Big deal, he’s in the real estate business which fluctuates all the time and real estate developers often report losses as a type of tax shelter.


The Times also said that Trump didn’t pay federal income taxes for 8-10 years — of course this is normal for business owners as they can roll their losses over (net operating loss), but the stupid liberals don’t understand how real estate is leveraged, the concept of depreciation or how loans work.

“It is unconscionable that Mr. Trump’s dishonest & unethical self promotion has been able to hoodwink so many good Americans who are not among the racists, white supremacists, misogynists & political sycophants following him for amoral leadership,” Brennan said linking to the New York Times article on Trump’s tax docs.

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