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CNN just came up with the most idiotic and absurd thing imaginable to blame on President Donald Trump — and it may be completely made up.

As noted by The Daily Caller, CNN is now claiming that people are suffering from “climate anxiety” and that Trump is at least partially to blame.

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CNN reported on Tuesday that Trump’s “lack of political will” is making “climate anxiety” worse for many people.

Speaking with the left-leaning outlet, one university professor claimed that a student spent two hours crying after learning about global warming.

“With the Trump election, the change in my students, the sense of grief and fear and paralysis in the room, became palpable,” Wendy Petersen Boring, a gender studies professor at Willamette University, told CNN.

“Climate anxiety is real” and can be managed by taking part in a host of “green” fads, including going vegetarian with “meatless Mondays,” riding a bike to work and shopping with a reusable bag instead of a plastic one, CNN reported. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Here’s more from The Daily Caller report:

Whether doing any of these would work or not is up for debate, but linking climate change to mental illness is more common among mental health professionals.

That’s not surprising given encouragement from the American Psychological Association (APA) and environmental activists to link climate change to people’s mental well-being.

A 69-page guide put out by the APA and environmental group ecoAmerica in 2017 urged mental health professionals to “mobilize climate change discussions” and “bring awareness to the interdependent relation of climate change and mental health.”

“They have the opportunity to help guide our communities on a path of progress through clean, healthy climate solutions,” reads the 2017 guide.

While not used in the guide, the term “climate anxiety” has been used in the media to describe the supposed psychological toll of worrying about global warming. News stories on “climate anxiety” — also called “climate grief” — detail college students crying about dying coral reefs or people holding “climate change depression” sessions.

More notably, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “young people” are questioning whether or not to have kids because of global warming.

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There are obviously a number of issues with CNN’s report.

For starters, when did it become a thing for people to be suffering from “climate anxiety?”

That seems like something that CNN completely made up and is pushing in order to go after Trump, who, like many people, has questioned climate change and whether humans are actually playing a role in it.

But with CNN’s declining ratings and constant stream of fake news, it won’t surprise many that they came up with the most idiotic and absurd thing imaginable to blame on Trump.