Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed on Tuesday why the newly released text from Peter Strzok are so “significant.”

During a segment on his show, Limbaugh cited Strzok’s newly released texts and emails from December 2016 and April 2017, which were made public after a big push from Republicans.

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Strzok served as the No. 2 counterintelligence analyst at the FBI before being fired last year and let go from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team after an internal probe found that he had sent hundreds of anti-Trump text messages to Lisa Page, a former lawyer at the FBI lawyer with whom he was having an affair.

Limbaugh argued that the messages are so “significant” because they provide a possible clue about the role of John Brennan’s CIA in spreading false “collusion” claims to the media.

In a December 2016 text to Page, Strozk wrote:

“Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking in to overdrive.”

In April 2017, Strzok emailed to his FBI colleagues:

“I’m beginning to think the agency got info a lot earlier than we thought and hasn’t shared it completely with us. Might explain all these weird/seemingly incorrect leads all these media folks have. Would also highlight agency as source of some of the leaks.”

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Limbaugh addressed the development on Tuesday and detailed how they appear to show Brenna, who served as Obama’s CIA director, could have been responsible for anti-Trump leaks to the media.

“Now, this is significant, because we now know that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion,” he said. “It looks like the CIA was, in fact, leaking false Trump-Russia stories to the press to undermine Trump. These are leaks that even the FBI agents running their own version of a coup thought were wrong and incorrect, and it was John Brennan running the CIA at the time.”

“[T]hey’re concluding that Brennan and the CIA are leaking and putting this stuff in the media that they, then, have to deal with themselves,” he said after dismissing the idea that this was a “CYA” attempt by the FBI. “And they are concluding here, these are ‘incorrect leads all these media folks have.’ That is a solid indication that the FBI’s looking at this as it’s happening, and that the CIA is releasing a bunch of BS that even the FBI thought was BS. And the media was just swallowing it all up, not questioning any of it.”

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Strzok has come under heavy fire in recent months for sending countless salacious text messages smearing Trump, his supporters, and making a bevy of controversial comments implying he could take action to stop Trump from taking office.

He called Trump supporters a bunch of ignorant hillbillies; spoke about an “insurance policy” in the case that Trump won the election; mentioned a “secret society” to unseat a duly elected president; and implied that he and others at the bureau would never let Trump be president.

But as Limbaugh explained, Strzok thought high-ranking officials at the CIA were leaking anti-Trump information to the media.

And Limbaugh thinks it was Brennan.