First Amendment? What First Amendment?

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A new app developed by researchers at the University of Utah encourages users to report ‘offensive’ speech, including slurs written on bathroom walls.

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

DIGIT Lab’s “Hate Incident Reporting” app turns citizens into spies by accepting “reports beyond crimes captured in police records”.

Although the creators claim that all reporting is confidential and anonymous, “The amount of detailed information a person is asked to provide would make it easy for law enforcement to identify someone,” reports the MassPrivateI blog.

“We’d like to see it used nationally to get better hate incident statistics, and to understand why, how, and where people are active in hateful incidents, and how that offends or hurts people,” said Richard Medina.

The app allows users to submit photos and videos of the alleged “hate” incident, and asks them to classify it “out of multiple types of bias: religion, disability, gender, identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other.”

The app was ostensibly created because the activists behind it are unhappy that reports of “hate crime” numbers are not high enough.

In order to fan the flames of hysteria about bigots and Nazis lurking around every corner, it becomes necessary to artificially inflate cases of “hate incidents”.

What constitutes a “hate incident”? According to Phys.Org, this would include, “derogatory epithets written in bathrooms to slurs yelled from a car window.”

So now rude graffiti or road rage can be conflated into the narrative of soaring hate crime and voila! We have ourselves a freshly served moral panic.

This contrived nationwide hate crime epidemic then surely necessitates left-wing institutions, media and academic bodies be handed more money and power to fight it!

It would be funny if it were not so insidious.