Source: Gateway Pundit

While most conservatives know that Google has a serious liberal bias, a new study has proved that it may be worse than many even thought.

According to a study published in the Columbia Journalism Review, 86 percent of Google’s “Top Stories” come from just 20 news outlets. The most common being none other than left-leaning CNN.

The audit found that CNN, New York Times and the Washington Post make up  23 percent of all referrals on their own.

“These statistics underscore the degree of concentration of attention to a relatively narrow slice of news sources,” the study’s authors noted.

The researchers also noted that “prior research has shown that search engines can affect users’ attitudes, shape opinions, alter perceptions and reinforce stereotypes, as well as affect how voters come to be informed during elections. As such, media diversity is an important aspect to the way that Google—or any news aggregator—curates sources and perspectives.”

They also found that a whopping 62.4% of article impressions from Google were from sources that are considered left-leaning — while only 11.3% were right-leaning. The remainder were from sources that do not have a bias ranking.

Google has refused to allow Gateway Pundit to be included in their News section.

Documents obtained by the Daily Caller discussed how a manual blacklist is used for “undesirable content” which includes a a “manual review tool.”


On the blacklist are a number of conservative sites, including Gateway Pundit, Matt Walsh’s blog, Gary North’s blog “,” Caroline Glick’s website, Conservative Tribune, a property of The Western Journal and the website of the American Spectator.

If they are deciding which outlets they want to hide — it is unlikely that they aren’t manually manipulating their results in favor of certain websites as well.