Cookie company opts to honor mothers by featuring crossdressing grown man

Chips Ahoy Promotes ‘Drag Moms’ in Deranged Mother’s Day Ad

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Cookie brand Chips Ahoy! promoted “drag moms” and drag queens in a Mother’s Day advertisement on Sunday.

The bizarre ad features a drag queen named “Vanessa Vanjie Mateo” calling for everybody to thank their mothers and “Get These Cookies.”

“I am so thankful to have a mother like mine who supports me through all my craziness and loves on me buys me Chips Ahoy cookies — chewy, the original — everything under the sun, my mama knows I love my cookies — so get those cookies,” Mateo said.

“So what’s the sweet gesture for you to do to your mama? Your real mama – your drag mama, which ever mama…”

Despite the fact that roughly 0.3% of the U.S. population identifies as transgender, it’s curious as to why Chips Ahoy! – which mostly markets to children – opted to feature a “drag queen” AKA a grown man to represent mothers on Mother’s Day.

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