Emily Ratajkowski is a very popular model. She’s not exactly a political scholar, though.

To get back at “old white men” for passing a restrictive pro-life bill in Alabama, the radically far-left Ratajkowski decided to pose nude.

Because that will show them?

From Daily Wire:

Beautiful model Emily Ratajkowski posted a nude photo of herself to social media on Thursday to protest the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, the strictest abortion law in the nation.

Oddly enough, Ratajkowski was specifically targeting the “25 old white men” who voted for the ban with her nude post.

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act was signed into law on Wednesday by Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL), a woman. The law totally outlaws abortion, save an exemption for the life of the mother, and targets third-party abortionists with life in prison for carrying out illegal abortions.