Former Obama Atty. Gen says he was ‘responsive to Congress’ during ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal…

Eric Holder Mocks Trump Supporters: 'Exactly When Did You Think America Was Great?'

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former Attorney General Eric Holder claimed “there are grounds for impeachment” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, despite Attorney General William Barr’s conclusion that the report exonerated President Donald Trump.

“There’s no question that obstruction of justice does exist in the findings that Bob Mueller reported, and in painstaking detail. And that in and of itself would be the basis for impeachment,” Holder told NBC News.

The Obama-era official didn’t argue that Democrats should initiate impeachment proceedings in Congress, instead saying that lawmakers should hear from Mueller and continue to investigate before they make “reasoned decision.”

House Democrats have subpoenaed several Trump officials, including Barr, in an attempt to gather evidence against Trump.

Barr has refused to appear before Congress and hand over the full, unredacted Mueller report, arguing that it would violate the law and his oath of office to do so.

As a result, Democrats voted to hold Barr in contempt of Congress.

Holder was also held in contempt of Congress when he served under Obama, but Holder claimed the two situations were “fundamentally different.”

“You compare what happened to me — it was in connection with the ‘Fast and Furious’ thing — we turned over 7,000 documents, we made people available to testify,” Holder said, referring to the operation in which the ATF allowed illegal gun sales in order to track them. “Barr as you know, and the Trump administration have put kind of a line down saying, ‘We’re not going to give you anything.’ And we were responsive to Congress, they were not.”

When asked if he though Trump’s presidency had put the U.S. in a “constitutional crisis,” Holder said, “Not yet, but it’s forming up.”

“I’m concerned about the state of this nation and the way in which the Trump administration is reacting to the legitimate request from Congress,” he said. “We could be in a constitutional crisis, but I don’t think we’re there quite yet.”

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