Haters of the Bad Orange Man likely scared off any supporters of the president…

Everyone at MSNBC's 'The Deciders' Town Hall Have Decided Trump Sucks

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Chris Matthews hosted MSNBC’s “Hardball” live from a historically Democratic county that went for Donald Trump in 2016, hoping to discover what swayed voters.

Matthews opened the special episode called “The Deciders” by saying this event would begin the national election conversation.

“With the first presidential debate about one month away in Miami, I’m proud to say that the national conversation begins tonight right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” he said, the Times Leader reported. “The Democratic candidates and Donald Trump should be watching. History shows that the people in this room are the deciders. If you want to win, you have to win here in Pennsylvania.”

To his dismay, nearly every “decider” in the room had already decided: the no-good Orange Man in the White House had to go.

“That’s not what’s it’s supposed to be?” Matthews said, confused.

Matthews meant to equally fill the 200-person audience with Trump’s supporters and opponents.

Only a handful of brave-souled, Trump-supporting Democrats showed.

The anti-Trumpers may have given them cold feet.

Matthews planned to show humility, asking the audience, “Hillary lost Pennsylvania? What did we miss? What weren’t we listening to?”

It was a valid question—one the media and the Democratic Party had not bothered to ask, one that the audience did not believe warranted an answer.

He questioned the audience:

“Did you hate Hillary Clinton?”

No, they shouted.

“Did Trump sound better?”

No, boo!

Some discussion between Trump voters and anti-Trumpers occurred during three-person panels split equally.

Yet, every point made by Trump supporters on the panel was met with a flurry of boos.

Vito DeLuca voted for Barack Obama in 2012 but pulled the trigger for Trump in 2020.

“I favored Trump because he wasn’t a Washington insider,” DeLuca said, though he said he does not support Trump’s policy agenda. “I thought Trump would bring a different approach to government since he had not been part of the old process.”

Lynette Villano, a former Luzerne County GOP chair said she trusts Trump.

“I’m proud to be an American with President Trump,” she said to a chorus of boos.