Source: Cristina Laila

The Justice Department on Monday smacked down House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in an 8-page memorandum explaining why Don McGahn has immunity from testifying to Congress.

Nadler is fuming over the Justice Department’s decision on McGahn and said the President’s former counsel ‘must appear as legally required.’

“The Mueller Report documents a shocking pattern of obstuction of justice. The President acted again and again — perhaps criminally — to protect himself from federal law enforcement,”Nadler said in a statement Monday. “Don McGahn personally witnessed the most egregious of these acts. President Trump knows this. He clearly does not want the American people to hear firsthand about his alleged misconduct, and so he has attempted to block Mr. McGahn from speaking in public tomorrow.”

Nadler asserted that the DOJ giving McGahn is “the latest act of obstruction from the White House,” adding, “The Committee will convene as planned tomorrow morning and Mr. McGahn is expected to appear as legally required.”

Nadler will bring the gavel down to an empty chair tomorrow just like he did when Attorney General Bill Barr was a no-show to a previous hearing. Pathetic.

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