Screenshot_2019-05-26 Liberals Pounce After Facebook Exec Explains Why Doctored Pelosi Video Is Staying Up

Source: Chris White

Several liberal pundits and celebrities expressed their dismay after a Facebook executive told CNN Friday night that the company has no intention of nixing a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Actresses Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano were among a handful of politicians and pundits who complained after Facebook Executive Monika Bickert told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the company determined dinging the video was the wrong move. Facebook believes providing users with accurate information is more important, she noted.

Anyone who either sees the video is told that the video is deceptively doctored, Bickert told Cooper who pressed her on why Facebook has the ability to eliminate more than 3 billion phony accounts but not one false video.(RELATED: Anderson Cooper Blasts Facebook Over Fake Pelosi Video, Asks Exec If It Should ‘Get Out Of The News Business’)

That stance didn’t sit well with Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, who told his 217,000 Twitter followers Friday night that Facebook is receptive with his office on legislative matters “and suddenly get marbles in their mouths when we ask them about dealing with a fake video.”