Guest post by Ted Malloch and Felipe Cuello

Source: Gateway Pundit

Depending on whether you follow mainstream or alternative media, you could be forgiven for thinking any number of things about the European election results.

Don’t believe what CNN and the BBC are reporting!

Nigel Farage’s romping to victory produced a stellar and truly historic performance.

His new (six week old) Brexit Party is tied, at 29 seats, with the German CDU (Merkel’s party) for the biggest single party in the European Parliament.

Third place goes to Matteo Salvini’s, Lega Party with 28 seats.

The ECR, which PM David Cameron set up in 2014 after UKIP’s win threatened the Tory monopoly on legitimacy, lost all but 4 of its seats in Britain and lost about 20 seats Europe-wide – Including its President, Syed Kamall, MEP from London.


The Liberal ALDE grouping gained from the Tory collapse, pulling in 16 seats where they previously had one – and rocketing to the coveted third-place finish behind the Centrist EPP and S&D – though assumptions about Macron’s group-inclinations may yet turn out to be optimistic.

Most significantly he lost in a referendum on his leadership to Marine Le Pen and is unpopular in France and across Europe.

Outperforming all expectations, the Greens edged forward, becoming the 4th largest party as currently arranged.

This very fragmented Parliament leaves the Eurosceptic movement with a “Join or Die” moment.

Remaining relegated to the 5th(ECR), 6th (EFDD), and 7th (ENF) largest groupings is not a situation determined leadership should now accept.

Keeping Eurosceptics divided is a major strategic objective of the federalist EU establishment.

They should be denied victory at all costs.

EFDD, where Farage remains president, should begin aggressively courting defections from EPP member parties like Orbán’s, Fidesz.

The heads of the ENF, particularly Marine Le Pen and Salvini, should make a serious effort to coalesce with Poland’s PiS and the new Brexit party.

They need a super “alliance of common sense” and that is the plan.

This will not be easy.

PiS wants to fix Europe. The Brexit party wants to leave it. ENF wants their countries left alone by Brussels’ overzealous machinations.

But they have more in common than what divides them, and all would benefit from each other’s company on the European stage.

Romania’s Socialist (S&D) franchise has even indicated its willingness to defect to a Eurosceptic party.

Early victories like these will get the ball rolling for whichever group ends up being the natural umbrella for the movement. Other such parties should be found and headhunted away from the larger parties to upset the fragile balance even more.

A Eurosceptic grouping with 150+ votes (as we predicted — is well within reach as things presently stand) and could even overtake the EPP’s 178 seats and claim the mantle of the biggest party, with the attendant parliamentary perks and privileges (committee chairs, luxury office space, etc.).

They might also plausibly lay claim to the presidency off the European Commission, which the EPP still insists should go to the largest party.

Traditional horse-trading over which party will get which spot should wait.

It is unlikely that the badly defeated EU Centrists will agree on a new President anytime soon.

These divisions should be exploited to keep vacant the Commissions as long as possible.

Passing a new budget should take precedence over the coronation of any new European leadership.

A deliberate strategy of Sedevacantism, filibustering any proceedings on nomination or confirmation, should be in place until and unless the Eurosceptic demands are satisfied – be they budgetary, political or related to senior personnel.

The five takeaways from this watershed election are:

1 Fragmentation with all parties fighting over power and position

2 Undetermined leadership, no EU President will easily emerge

3 Contrary to what the MSM is saying, the nationalist populists have won and the Greens have done well

4 Kataclysmic as this election shakes Europe to its roots, already causing turmoil and new national elections from Greece to Austria to Italy, likely

5 Euro redefined, watch the currency and follow the money. Many of the new MEPs do not want the EU dominance in their national economies

6 Deadlocked is the operative word; the integrationist-globalist march is stopped in its tracks.

You can read what this spells.