Republican Trey Gowdy mocked Democratic California Rep. and 2020 Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell for announcing his “flaw” for being a “white guy.”

Gowdy’s comments came on Fox News with Martha MacCallum on Tuesday evening in response to comments made by Swalwell during an interview with Vice News on Monday. Swalwell noted that as a white man, it is important that he promote the voices of minorities.

“Let me take a big turn here and get your thoughts on one of the many, many candidates who’s running for the Democratic presidential nomination: Eric Swalwell, who is, you know, sort of bemoaning the fact that he is ‘another white guy’ as he puts it,” MacCallum started in the interview. “He says, ‘I may be another white guy, but I know there are gaps in my knowledge or in my experience and I know when to pass the mic.’ What do you think about that?”

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“Well, Eric’s clearly riding a wave. I think he’s all the way up to zero in the polling,” Gowdy responded. “I noticed throughout his political history he ran against two women that I know of, so if he is concerned there aren’t enough voices in Congress or in the city council he was on, he didn’t have any qualms about running against two qualified women back then. This is what I know and, luckily, what most of our fellow citizens know.”

“Logic, objective truth, passion, empathy, no racial or gender strictures.” Gowdy continued. “If you are a good person, I want you governing me regardless of any other immutable characteristic. I think it is a sad reflection on our politics if people are actually apologizing for things over which they have absolutely no control at all and I think most of my fellow citizens reject that and see this as just Eric pandering, trying to climb all the way up to one percent in the polling.”


In the interview, Swalwell stated, “A white guy who doesn’t see other identities or understand other experiences should not be president.”

“I do,” Swalwell continued. “And where there would be gaps in my knowledge or my experience, I will pass the mic to people who do have that experience.” – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!

Swalwell has become a mockery considering he has less than 1% of the support out of all the Democratic candidates. Swalwell is notorious for his attention grabs and outlandish comments.

Last Thursday, Swalwell made a desperate attempt for attention by posting a picture of an American flag alongside a gay pride flag outside of his office with the caption, “I fly these flags 365 days a year” on Twitter.

Not only was this a desperate attempt at attention, but it appears that the congressman was lying considering the gay pride flag which was spread across his door still had fold lines on it. This suggests that the flag was recently opened from its packaging.