Things are already heating up inside of the 2020 Democrat clown bus with devout followers of Bernie Sanders suspecting that the fix is in – again.

It was supposed to be different this time around for the geriatric socialist crank and his army of bottom-up ersatz revolutionaries who were looking to capitalize on the gullibility of a younger generation that would make a deal with the devil for free stuff.

Sanders stunned the mighty Hillary Clinton in 2016 as he rocketed out of the obscurity of the party’s fringe and nearly pulled off the huge upset until the eventual nominee’s cronies at the DNC intervened to put their thumb on the scale and steal the nomination from Comrade Bernie and his energetic insurgents. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Naively hoping that not raising a major stink by denouncing the rigging of the game, the Vermont senator betrayed his own troops by puckering up and planting his pursed lips on Queen Hillary’s pasty white derriere by falling into line like a good soldier for a doomed cause whose loyalty would one day be rewarded.

But Bernie was wrong and just as they did with Hillary, the party elite and their crooked media allies are doing the exact same thing with former Vice President Joe Biden who has all but been officially crowned while the Sandernistas have been left to stew.

And the pot is already boiling with mounting accusations that Sanders is being done dirty, dissed by big media and hung out to dry like a cheap suit and Bernie-bots are not simply going to go along to get along this time around risking a major split in the Democratic party.