• The Facts:I’ve enacted a simple strategy to make a difference. You can too, and it feels great.
  • Reflect On:How good it feels to make a big impact with little effort.

These days, most of us are concerned about the condition of our world.

The UN just released a dismal “health report” about the state of our planet, which mentions a million species at the edge of extinction. Just today I read about the many starving grey whales beaching themselves on the western coast. And then about how rubber balloons burst in air then fall to the ground where turtles mistake them for jellyfish and eat them. Of course these are just a couple examples of the many environmental problems we face.

To begin to chip away at these issues, many years ago I began taking everyday action to foster solutions. Recently I created the Everyday Activism Facebook Page where we share stories and support one another. It’s a particularly poignant strategy and its mission statement is simple:

“Little effort for big results.”

Or: “Little steps for max change.” This model is for those of us with not enough time. And it’s easy. It just requires some chutzpah (courage and passion).

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