Pete Buttigieg and husband

Christian Pastor Rhyan Glezman, who is the brother-in-law of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, contends a glowing report on the 2020 White House contender and his husband Chasten is built on falsehoods.

A partial transcript is as follows:

LAURA INGRAHAM: Has your family ever had an issue with your brother and his husband, his lifestyle?

RHYAN GLEZMAN: Absolutely not. It couldn’t be further than the truth. There has absolutely never been any amount of shunning him from the family. I love my brother dearly. I want the best for him, I want the best for Pete and this story, this narrative of the family shunning him just couldn’t be further from the truth.

INGRAHAM: Why would he make this up?

GLEZMAN: The way I see it, is in such a competitive, a very large Democratic field of candidates, you need to have a story. I’m not going to cut down a mayor’s role. I think a mayor’s role is important. But, at the end of the day, if you only have the mayor role and you’re going to the highest office in the country, you need to have a different story. Unfourtnaly, we came victim to that, our family, of having this rags to riches story be brought up about my brother’s childhood and the past to gain political points in the polls, the way I see it.

INGRAHAM: I’m sensitive to this issue of family coming out and commenting on other family members. Why don’t you just pick up the phone and talk to either Pete or your brother-in-law? Why come on this show? I don’t understand why you don’t pick up the phone.

GLEZMAN: To be honest with you, I didn’t sign up for this. The only reason I’m here is for the truth to prevail. If it was that easy, that would have already been done.