A mysterious light was seen moving quickly across the sky in China

Source: The Sun

A MYSTERIOUS moving light has been spotted in the sky above multiple cities in China, fuelling speculation that Beijing is secretly testing a new nuclear missile.

The unidentified sighting was said to have occurred about 4.28am on Sunday and was witnessed by residents across eastern and central parts of China.

A video was later uploaded to the Chinese social media platform Weibo, showing the object flying above city skyscrapers said be in Zhengzhou in central China.

The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force – which typically does not announce new missile tests – also uploaded a cryptic post to their official Weibo account.

The post contained a picture of what looked like a road mobile intercontinental ballistic missile launcher against a night sky.

“Do you believe in this world there are UFOs?”the caption read, without offering further explanation.

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