This move, which is sure to get a big fat veto, will not address the ‘border crisis,’ it will only make it worse and it will cost CITIZENS over $30 billion.

House democrats won’t do what United States citizens demand and pass funding for a real border barrier, instead, they have just passed an amnesty bill for 2.5 million illegal invaders who think they have a ‘right’ to be here, despite the fact that they are lawbreakers.

The Free Beacon reported:

House Democrats voted 237-187 Tuesday to pass a bill that, if entered into law, would grant amnesty to an estimated 2.5 million illegally resident people.

They also blocked a proposed change to the bill from Republicans, which could have helped reduce illegal immigration by funding border crisis relief to the tune of $4.5 billion.

H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, made it to the floor following a contentious intraparty debate over its contours in the House Judiciary Committee.

If passed into law, the bill would create a path to citizenship for three distinct groups of illegally resident individuals who have been heretofore protected from deportation by separate government programs.

Specifically, H.R. 6 would offer protection from deportation to 2.1 million individuals who arrived to the United States as minors (including 600,000 DACA recipients), and 400,000 some beneficiaries of the TPS and DED programs.

Those who arrived as minors would be offered Conditional Permanent Residency, with a path to Lawful Permanent Residency (i.e. a Green Card) and even citizenship; TPS and DED recipients would be granted green card status.

The bill passed with the support of over 230 cosponsors, all Democrats. It now goes to the Senate, where it is unlikely to get any traction under Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.). As such, its passage is largely symbolic, indicating where Democrats would take immigration policy if they were swept into power in the 2020 elections.

By contrast, the White House harshly condemned H.R. 6 in a strongly worded statement of administration policy issued late Monday.

“H.R. 6 would incentivize and reward illegal immigration while ignoring and undermining key administration immigration objectives and policy priorities, such as protecting our communities and defending our borders,” the statement read. “The administration has put forward proposals to address the status of the hundreds of thousands of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients, but only in the context of actual solutions that would address the underlying problems in our immigration system.”

Such solutions are absent from H.R. 6, which includes neither funding for border security, nor any proposed solution to the surge of individuals crossing the southwestern border who have collectively stretched immigration officials’ capacity to the breaking point.

Breitbart News reported on the seven turncoat republicans who voted for the travesty of American ideals:

The seven Republicans who voted on Tuesday with Democrats to grant illegal aliens amnesty include:

  1. Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE)
  2. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)
  3. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
  4. Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX)
  5. Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-WA)
  6. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)
  7. Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI)

Some of these congressmen also voted for a resolution in March that would terminate President Donald Trump’s national emergency and make it harder to secure America’s southern border.

Reps. Fitzpatrick, Hurd, and Upton voted in favor of ending Trump’s national emergency on the southern border.

These Republican lawmakers contrast with House conservatives and House GOP leadership, who contend that the Democrats’ amnesty bill will only worsen the migrant crisis at the southern border.

“There is a serious #BorderCrisis right now & what do we get from Socialist Democrats? An illegal alien amnesty bill. I yearn for the day that Socialist Democrats put the interests of American citizens above the interests of illegal aliens & their own craving for political power,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) tweeted on Tuesday.

There is a serious #BorderCrisis right now & what do we get from Socialist Democrats? An illegal alien amnesty bill. I yearn for the day that Socialist Democrats put the interests of American citizens above the interests of illegal aliens & their own craving for political power.

— Mo Brooks (@RepMoBrooks) June 4, 2019

“If Democrats were serious about immigration, they would do something about the humanitarian and national security crisis along our southern border, but Speaker Pelosi has chosen to spend the House’s time on H.R. 6, an expensive, partisan show vote,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said Tuesday in a statement.

“Sadly, Democrats are making us consider a bill to worsen the border crisis by incentivizing more people to cross our borders illegally in hopes of getting a piece of the amnesty pie,” Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said. “No doubt at this very minute, the smuggling cartels are getting the word out: Congress is going to legalize millions.”

Business Insider offered more information on the passage:

The bill passed on a near party-line 237-187 vote as supporters in the House visitors’ galleries roared “Yes We Can” and other chants, a rare display of raucous emotion in a chamber whose rules require decorum by its guests.

As if to underscore the relentlessness and sweep of the immigration fight, the Democratic-led House Appropriations Committee took its own swipe at Trump by unveiling a separate bill that provides no additional money next year for building the president’s long-sought barriers along the southwest border.

That measure also claws back a portion of the billions of dollars Trump has unilaterally diverted toward constructing portions of his wall.

The House-passed bill would protect from deportation and provide a pathway toward citizenship for young migrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

It would also shield others here temporarily because their home countries — chiefly in Central America, Africa and the Middle East…

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that more than 2 million people already in the U.S. would get legal status under the House bill.

The analysts also said the measure would cost more than $30 billion over the next decade, largely because many migrants attaining legal status would qualify for federal benefits like Medicaid.

“This is about who we are as Americans, and what is in the best interests of our country,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., the measure’s chief sponsor claimed.

Republicans criticized the bill for lacking border security provisions that they and Trump have long demanded as part of any major immigration bill, and said it dangled overly generous provisions that would encourage even more illegal immigration.

“This bill, to my mind, would ruin America,” said Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis.

Democrats’ separate homeland security bill would cancel $601 million from procurement programs, dinging Trump for trying to shift that amount from a Treasury fund toward building a border wall, and cut the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds.

That move by Democrats seeks to reduce the government’s ability to detain migrants instead of releasing them pending court appearances.