A new leak reveals that House Democrats are pushing to give members of Congress an outrageous pay raise.

The Democrats $1 trillion spending package would give House members and senators a $4,500 bump-up from their annual salaries of $174,000.

Just when we think Democrats can’t stoop any lower, they try to pull off a stunt like this.

Democrats refuse to work with President Donald Trump on anything, including the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

But they are in favor of giving themselves a pay raise despite not doing or passing any legislation that actually helps the American people.

Here’s more from the Washington Examiner:

Under federal law, members of Congress get annual cost-of-living increases on par with other federal employees — unless they vote to deny themselves the raise.

That’s occurred each year over the past decade, a practice that began during the depths of the Great Recession, when lawmakers didn’t want to appear to line their own pockets while constituents suffered.

Evan Hollander, a spokesman for the House Appropriations Committee, said the congressional pay raise is justified.

“There is strong bipartisan support for these modern inflation adjustments,” Hollander said.

Had lawmakers taken raises available each year over the past decade, salaries would now be $208,000 per year, according to Bloomberg.

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The Examiner notes that boosting congressional pay has already encountered Republican opposition.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., spoke strongly against the pay raise on Tuesday. “These jokers couldn’t hold down a summer job at Dairy Queen pulling this kinda crap,” Sasse said.

“I think the American people would think that Congress ought to earn it first,” said Richard Shelby, R-Ala., Senate Appropriations chairman.

Several Democrats can also be expected to oppose the proposed pay raise, particularly from states they won in 2018 but supported President Trump two years before.

Quite amazing to see the same lawmakers who make $174,000 a year — which is roughly three times the national average median family income — are now trying to argue they don’t make enough money.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been very busy lately with controversial statements and actions.

Earlier this week, she said Americans are not smart enough to understand the potential impeachment of Trump.

“Going into the [2006] election, I said it’s off the table. I didn’t mean it’s off the table if you had some goods. If somebody has information, then we can act upon it,” Pelosi told Rolling Stone. “But from what we know now, it’s off the table.”

“Even with Trump. If you got something, show it,” Pelosi continued. “But I’m not going after it. What we’re going after is the economic security of America’s working families.”

All of this perfectly encapsulates why so many Americans are fed up with Congress and Democrats.