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Patriots Sound Alarm Over Corporate Censorship, Trigger Leftists & Redpill Americans In Process


Check out this compelling entry into’s Free Speech Poster Challenge from Tony Salvo, who informs the public about censorship and triggers authoritarians at the same time.

Watch liberals freak out as this patriot tries to wake up his community to the dangers of censorship, vaccines, and open borders with posters, which you can find below along with contest instructions!

Infowars Poster Contest Liberals Tear Down Posters

Due to the high volume of phenomenal entries, again urges all participants to abide by all local ordinances and other relevant laws. We also don’t want your entry to expose your personal information to the public, like an address or license plate. Be vigilant!

Do your part and spread the message of liberty to friends, family, and your neighbors. Check out these top contenders:

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