Source: Christina Laila

Fascist Twitter temporarily suspended Project Veritas after James O’Keefe exposed Pinterest’s anti-Christian, anti-conservative bias.

Project Veritas interviewed a tech insider who blew the whistle on how Pinterest listed top pro-life sites as “porn” and censored Bible verses.

The insider, who wished to remain anonymous, described in detail how Pinterest blocks Christian terms and Bible verses by not allowing the terms to trend, blocking them from notifications and the auto-complete feature.

Pinterest also blacklisted pro-life group by classifying them as “porn” which ultimately blocked their URL from being pinned.

Ben Shapiro was labeled a white supremacist and his commentary was also censored in “zero tolerance moment.”

The Fascists at Twitter didn’t like their Fascist friends over at Pinterest being exposed by O’Keefe so they temporarily suspended Project Veritas’ account.

O’KEEFE: Breaking News: Twitter has decided that investigative journalism is in violation of their terms of service – @Project_Veritas has been temporarily suspended from posting for tweeting internal communications from @Pinterest which show them calling @benshapiro a “white supremacist”

A person familiar with the situation told Breitbart News that the Project Veritas account was locked for violating the Twitter Rules, specifically the private information policy , but clarified that Project Veritas was not locked out due to the content of their communications.

Pinterest fired the whistleblower on Tuesday.