Biological males are crushing the competition in state championship female events

transgender andraya yearwood is shredding female competitors in the state championships

Source: Jay Greenburg
Parents and students are demanding a change in the rules for school athletics as two transgender students are dominating the girls’ state championships in Connecticut. Biological male runner Terry Miller, from Bulkeley High School, crushed the competition, coming first place twice in the CIAC State Open track and field competition. Miller, who now “identifies” as female, completed the 100-meter race in just 11.72 seconds and finished the 200-meter sprint in 24.17 seconds. Second place in the 100-meter run went to fellow transgender sprinter Andrea Yearwood, from Cromwell High School. The results have provoked outrage from some parents and students, who are questioning whether athletes in Connecticut high schools should be allowed to choose which gender-specific sp