You can’t spend more money than you take in. Economics 101.

Well, you can. But it won’t end well in most cases.

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Enter the Democrat National Committee, which continues to teach Americans how to waste money…

From Townhall:

Bloomberg reports that the Democratic National Committee’s financial woes continue as Chairman Tom Perez and his colleagues continue to spend more than they take in. In fact, the DNC has already added $3 million in new debt in just the past four months. The Republican National Committee, however, is raking in boatloads of cash ahead of the 2020 election which will surely give President Donald J. Trump a leg up on whomever he ends up running against.

In 2019 already, the “DNC had collected contributions of more than $24.4 million but had spent $28.4 million, according to the latest disclosures. It had $7.6 million cash on hand, $1 million less than in January. It posted $6.2 million in debt, including bank loans and unpaid invoices to vendors,” according to Bloomberg.

But, the RNC has $34.7 million on hand with no debt at all. Plus, the GOP has raised $63 million this year.

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Once again, the chair of the Democrat National Committee seems to have put his foot in his mouth.

This has become par for the course for Tom Perez.

He is now saying that the GOP should not use ill-gotten information, but it’s okay if Democrats do.

On what planet, Tom?

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From Daily Wire:

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday that Republicans should not use any ill-gotten information against the Democrats in the upcoming elections, but, when pressed, did not seem to think that Democrats should be held to the same standard.

“And what we saw in the 2016 election, a foreign adversary — and not just any foreign adversary, our — our most — our fiercest foreign adversary attempted to interfere with our election to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton,” Perez said. “And what we said in 2016, and my predecessor asked her counterpart at the RNC back then to do the same thing, don’t use stolen information. That’s what we’re saying again.”

“It sounds like they’re saying that,” Camerota responded. “I mean when they say it’s an affront to all of us, any breach of political organizations, and we come together to prevent it, it sounds like they’re saying that.”

Perez laid into President Trump, former Speaker Paul Ryan, and other prominent Republicans during a recent discussion.

Perez then claimed Congressional supporters of Trump are “cowardly” and will be “judged harshly.”

Perez, whether knowingly or not, just insulted half of the nation.

You know, because being pro-life and believing America is great is a bad thing.

From American Mirror:

Much like Hillary Clinton infamously describing Trump supporters as “deplorables,” Perez is now labeling Americans who support the president as “cowards” on the wrong side of history.

Perez noted, “The thing is, they are cowardly. I mean, history will not only judge Donald Trump harshly, it will judge Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president and allowed the party of Lincoln to die.

Ironically, Perez won his seat at the head of the Democratic Party with a pitch about how Democrats need to better “communicate our message of opportunity and inclusion, that optimistic message.”

More from Townhall:

“Look at Lindsey Graham – it’s pathetic.”

Dean David Weil also asked Perez to analyze the 2016 election a bit more and explain to the audience how Trump became president. Perez admitted that the Democrats didn’t do their part in organizing and maintaining President Obama supporters in swing states. Yet, he added that voters were unfortunately persuaded by Trump’s lofty promises that he’d bring their jobs back.

“He said he had your back but actually he had a knife in your back.”

“He twisted it again last week,” Perez continued, by again pledging to upend the Affordable Care Act. Republicans have gone along with that campaign, too, he observed. Instead of helping keep the price of medicine down, such as insulin, the GOP was busy passing “the most reckless tax cut in American history” last year, he charged.